"I love the way my Stübben saddles fit both me and my horses. That makes a big difference, especially when I'm competing. They're stable and comfortable, which really helps out when you spend as much time in the saddle as I do. I highly recommend them."

Will's Preferred Saddles:
Portos (Jumping and Cross Country)
Genesis D (Dressage)

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  "I'm impressed by the quality of workmanship in all of Stübben's leather products. Their saddles are practically custom as they have so many tree sizes, seat styles and saddle styles to choose from in both Dressage and Jumping. Their focus is on finding the best saddle for optimum comfort and performance for your horse and yourself."


Jessica's Preferred Saddles:
Roxane S
Genesis D

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  "I run a multi-discipline training business and was looking for a saddle that was attractive in the hunter ring as well as allowing me to ride with a short enough stirrup to run X-country.  My new Stübben delivers that as well as fitting the horses beautifully and living up to the Stübben standards for quality."


Jenna's Preferred Saddles:

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