"I have ridden Grand Prix horses for over 20 years and no saddle has improved my horses' performance like a Stübben. There is a Stübben saddle for everyone."

Harley's Preferred Saddles:
Genesis S
Roxane S Deluxe

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  "I just looooooove all of my Stübben! For me, the way they fit and the comfort they provide to the horse is just without any comparison."


Helen's Preferred Saddle:
Genesis S

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"One of the reasons why I am a very confident rider is my Stübben saddle. It's a very good saddle and a very good value too - and I know that if my horse could choose a saddle that is most comfortable for him, he would pick a Stübben."


Armando's Preferred Saddles:
Genesis S
Scandica CS
  I am an athlete. My horses are athletes. As athletes, it is important we stay in peak condition and have properly fitting equipment. After all, how can we jump around a course successfully if the saddle is pinching the horse, or doesn't fit the rider? Stübben understands this, and that is why I am proud to ride in their saddles. I know everytime I saddle one of my horses, that the saddle fits PERFECTLY and will cause NO soreness.

Lorraine's Preferred Saddles:
Roxane S

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"My horses come first. Stübben saddles help my horses jump higher and they put me in the perfect position. That's why I ride in Stübben Saddles."


Angel's Preferred Saddle:
Roxane S Deluxe




"I like to ride in Stübben saddles because they are very comfortable, last long and fit every horse. Stübben saddles allow my horses to perform at their optimum levels. They are happier and able to jump much more through their withers.
It makes a big difference!"


Natascha's Preferred Saddles:
Roxane S

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  "I am French, and I come from a country of great saddlemakers. I used French saddles but always sensed my horses felt better with Stübben. Wondering why, my Stübben dealer taught me about the unique and amazing Stübben flexible tree and the advantage of traditional woolen panels that perfectly fit a horse's back. Since this day, I only ride with Stübben. My horses, my customers, and I thank Stübben - les meilleurs du monde."

Eric's Preferred Saddle:
Edelweiss NT Deluxe with Biomex seat

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  "I got my Stübben one day and the next day I won a Grand Prix! Do I need to say anything more?"

Duncan's Preferred Saddle:
Genesis S

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